Several decades before this present moment, it was quite intriguing to realize that some experts had concluded that love is a difficult thing. Some had even claimed that not everyone is capable of exhibiting the basic elements of love.

Today, however, a different story is being told. Love isn’t considered a difficult thing anymore. As a matter of fact, people are no longer too timid or frightened to express love towards each other and you’ll be amazed that amongst the U.S population, 61% use dating sites to meet people. The reason for this evolution can be attributed to the fact that matchmaking is a very significant method of uniting lovers, especially in the United States. Read through US-reviews to understand the breakdown of dating Industry in the United States.

breakdown of dating Industry

Matchmaking has been made easy and possible throughout these years due to the online dating industry in the U.S., which grows rapidly by the day. Before the emergence of dating apps and sites, lovers could barely unite and express how they felt about each other. The online dating industry in the United States has incredibly facilitated the romantic relationships of millions of Americans.

The Market Size of The Online Dating Industry 

Based on the research recently conducted by IBIS World, the online dating industry in the U.S. was a 3 billion dollar business as of 2018. More than 15% of the adults in America claim that they use websites or mobile dating apps and sites to solely pursue their romantic fantasies. For more than a decade, tens of millions of Americans have depended greatly on dating platforms to meet their spouses and have a healthy love life.

As a result of this ample number of active users of mobile dating apps, the online dating industry market will continue to enjoy massive growth. As of now, more than 50 million American adults are active with online dating. According to statistics provided by Nielsen Data, this category of adults spends more than an hour on dating sites or apps each day. Interestingly, even 60-year olds are active users of dating apps.

Most popular apps in the online dating industry 

There are several hundred dating apps and websites in the United States. But interesting, only a handful of these apps and sites have been able to occupy a significant position in the American online dating industry.

Currently, is one of the most popular and most used dating sites in the country. The site is a large platform where users are typically required to complete personality questionnaires and personal essays. The data derived from this simple survey will help in matchmaking the user with a compatible partner.

However, there are other popular dating apps and sites such as Binge and Bumble that do not carry out this survey. What they simply do is require users to link up their social media accounts, which helps them get connected to other users on the social platform.

So when it comes to the most popular apps or sites used in the United States,, Tinder, Binge, Bumble, OkCupid remain at the top. These dating platforms aren’t just popular, they have great user engagements.


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